Get more sales
by showcasing why
customers trust you.

Manage video testimonials, reviews and feedback forms in one place. Turn your visitors into customers by showcasing them on your site using a single line of code.

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Enhance your business reputation.

Add your multiple review sources and manage it at one places. Enhance your reputation by responding to reviews proactively.


Request, manage and embed video testimonials from your clients with a unique link.


Add Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts to manage reviews and recommendations in one place.


Create no code forms that can be embedded anywhere for capturing form submissions.


Get notifications for new reviews, testimonials and form submissions for responding promptly.


Understand what your customers say about you and where your business need improvement.

Embed Widgets

Embed selected items on you website with a line of code using our iframe embed options.

Tempt your customers
to give beautiful testimonials.

View, respond and curate from one place.

Get customer insights at your fingertips.

Small things that create big impact.


A single place to get your reviews, Twitter mentions, testimonials, and form submissions.


Engage with your audience instantly by responding to reviews and mentions directly.


Add curated items from your feeds to the wall and showcase them anywhere using a code snippet.


Get an overview of your connected account and monitor everything from a single place.

How it works?

Manage reviews and capture the best.

Manage testimonials, reviews and shoutouts from your multiple accounts, respond and analyze them to build your brand reputation better.

Connect your accounts

Connect multiple social and review accounts to manage reviews at one place.

Manage your reviews

Manage your reviews by aggregating all in one place and get notified when a new reviews is posted.

Curate Items

Curate the best mentions, reviews, and testimonials by adding them to your wall.

Embed widgets

Copy the embed code from the curated wall and paste it in your website.

Why it matters?

49% of users depend on recommendations from influencers on Twitter.

70% of people will trust recommendations from someone they don’t even know.

Testimonials can increase conversions on landing pages by 34%.

85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.

Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.

Build reputation and get more sales by showing it to your visitors.